11825732_10154603623548644_6230192269596371234_nFew things cause quite a flurry of excitement like an artist coming out of hiding to release a new track. After disappearing shortly following his 2011 release of Mirrorwriting, British artist Jamie Woon has returned with a new single to ease our worried minds.

“Sharpness, ” off of his as of yet unnamed follow-up album to Mirrorwriting, continues in the realm of “alt-R&B”: a genre of crooning, hip men singing soul-inspired melodies over electronic grooves à la Chet Faker and the like. As a result, the track sounds like what you would get if you put Justin Timberlake and James Blake in a blender, with a little bit of the Talking Heads thrown in for good measure. It is a perfect mixture of saturated synth, modern production, and a type of minimalism that knows when enough is enough without leaving you wanting more. Top it off with a colorful chorus that moves past traditional electronic pop to incorporate a smart use of R&B vocabulary, and “Sharpness” becomes a track that is one part groove, one part candle-lit makeout session, all parts a must listen.

iTunes – po.st/JWSiSO
Spotify -po.st/JWSharpnessSP