Samson the Truest and his new album Come Back Shane is the epitome of soul and folk sincerity. Samson the Truest, otherwise known as Samson Geller; I am sure the is what his mum still calls him, is a singer songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, New York. I have to say his music does not embody the city of New York as I would have imagined sonically but emotionally he sounds like someone who has seen and been through a lot. There are not many things in this world that imprint you more than where you are from which is exactly why I was surprised when I learned of where he hailed from. Although, after considering it Mac De Marco is also from New York, arguably upstate New York, but the vibes of both artists are similar. Samson the Truest’s story in this album is woven beautifully with thread of desire and emotion. There is a real sense of desire and yearning with each song. A sense of wonder at the world and what it means to love and have love. Ultimately, Come Back Shane, is a love story told with earnest and empathy.

The title track “Come Back Shane” is the song off this album that shows off Samson the Truest’s ability as an artist. The soft, singing coupled with the light strumming of his acoustic guitar gives off a feeling of what is almost regret or remorse as he repetitively croons, “come back Shane, come back Shane.” And yet there is a sense of contentedness in his voice as if Shane needed to go or rather he needed to let Shane go. The guitar solo sews the track together with feelings of passion and despair.

“Could I really be so blind? Or is this the love of my life? It’s real.”

Overall, Samson’s album, Come Back Shane, is an album that states Samson is here to stay and I am thrilled. Watching and listening to this talented musician grow over the coming years is going to a joy. He sings and performs with such sensitivity and overwhelmingly enjoyable warmth. This record is a solid listen from start to finish and worth the 45 minutes. So sit down and take a breath and enjoy some really good music.

Upcoming Tour Dates
9/18 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2)