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At first listen, it’s hard to classify UK rock/folk outfit Tumbler. With lounge jazz, English folk, northern rock and even Americana folk elements in their first single “Break or Fall, ” there is certainly a lot going on with this debut album, You Said releasing September 14.

Tumbler is comprised of father-and-son duo Richard and Harry Grace, as well as well-known producer and studio whiz, Dave Needham. How the group came together is quite organic; Richard and Harry love listening to and playing music, and they found Needham at the perfect time to record an album. The rest, as the trio say, is history.

“Break or Fall” is probably Tumbler’s most pop-influenced offering, opening with surprisingly American-sounding vocals and a violin accompaniment to Richard’s guitar. As the song moves on, lashings of the Graces’ northern roots as well as a hefty dose of pop and rock guitar makes “Break or Fall” and interesting choice to open the album.tumbler

The rest of the tracks on You Said are more folk and blues-tinged, but many influences are felt throughout the album. Both the album and its first single are solid comprehensive works which show the musical diversity of this up-and-coming group. You Said is available to stream or buy on Tumbler’s Bandcamp page.


Written by Layla Marino

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