There are not too many things more enjoyable than a local show at The Echo in Echo Park, Los Angeles. All of the bands in attendance were sonically pleasing and absolutely enjoyable. The night started with So Many Wizards ex-front man Nima Kazerouni and his new side project Crown Plaza. His stage presence was ethereal and his emotion oozed out of the speakers of the intimate venue. The disco ball in the middle of the dancefloor in the middle of the city was the perfect juxtaposition of Nima’s electronic sound and iconic, “dream pop ethos.”

Following Nima Kazerouni and his Crown Plaza sound was the down home indie rock aesthetic of Bad Bad Hats. Bad Bad Hats consists of Kerry Alexander (vocals, guitar, wisdom), Chris Hoge (drums, courage), and Noah Boswell (bass, power). The sub delineation of “wisdom, courage, and power” is more than accurate. Seeing them live is a testament to this statement. They hail from Saint Paul, Minnesota and have a commanding control over their indie rock sound. “Kerry’s strong vocals and lyrical sensibilities tie[d] the songs together as a cohesive unit, making for [a show] that is both surprising and universal.”

After Bad Bad Hats the enigmatic Bluesy- Garage rock style of The Dead Ships took to the stage. The Dead Ships have been on a media whirlwind and there music has been blitzing music fans everywhere. They have been featured at SXSW and were recently voted “Best New Emerging Artist, LA.” Their stage presence was unrivaled during the night until the headliner and next artist took to the stage.

The Mynabirds were obviously the main attraction this night and for obvious reasons. The Mynabrids are the brainchild of “American singer and multi-instrumentalist Laura Burhenn named her band The Mynabirds partly as a nod to James Joyce, and partly a tribute to Neil Young’s Motown period The Mynah Birds.” What I enjoyed most about Laura and her bands performance was the sheer power of Laura’s voice. That is not to say I did not truly enjoy the outfit choices of Laura and her bandmates, Laura donned bell bottoms and the bassist was wearing what I hope is his signature Civil War era hat amongst other things. The way she commands the stage is unsurpassed and the sultry indie rock vibes of her voice and song subject cannot be denied. It was a supremely intimate setting and the undeniable and complete control over the audience Burhenn had is unfathomable. Laura and her band played a number of older songs as well as plenty from their new album “Lovers Know” which was released on August 7, 2015. The band themselves were the perfect backing to the charismatic Burhenn. The Mynabirds with their genre crossing, all around sonically pleasing songs created for a truly enjoyable set and a truly enjoyable night at one of Los Angeles’s iconic venues.

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