Charity is a new face on the folk and nu-soul scenes, having emerged in 2012 with her Kickstarter-funded album called Sounds Like Love. This summer she released a follow-up EP called Yellow,  and the first single and video just released a few weeks ago. “Beautiful Moments” is an uplifting folk piece which is indicative of Charity’s style and the mark she plans to leave on music.

Seeing herself as a product of a very frustrating and difficult time in her home city of Detroit, Charity combines personal and vulnerable lyrics with simple, uplifting melodies to create a two-sided truth in her music. Nowhere on Yellow is her intent more obvious than in “Beautiful Moments.” In this song, Charity sings about the beauty and peace found in everyday moments. She asks the listener not to ignore struggles but rather to live in these moments and see them as beautiful and important anyway. The result is a positive message which doesn’t ignore our humanness, celebrating both the good and the bad in life.

The video for “Beautiful Moments” reflects this sentiment, as scenes of both ordinary moments and extraordinary beauty and art in unexpected and sometimes even dark places play out throughout the video’s narrative.

In both video and song, Charity’s point is clear: there is fun, love and life to be had in all parts of life. Unexpected joy can come out of pain, and the beauty in life can be found in both the ordinary and the extraordinary. Yellow is available to stream on Charity’s Soundcloud page and can be purchased on itunes. Play the video for “Beautiful Moments” below.


Written by Layla Marino

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