van nordenLA-based transplant from Vancouver, Van Norden, released his first EDM EP in October called At First Sight. This is quite a departure for the songwriter, who historically is known for his work in the genre of acoustic folk. The single from At First Sight has been remixed three times on this EP, with a recent collaboration with An_Hero.

The highly emotive original mix of “Love at First Sight” shows Van Norden’s folk roots in the way that the track is composed. The vocal melody is a standard A-B-A structure and alternates between major and minor keys to create an evocative dissonance.  Make no mistake, however; this track is all EDM. Van Norden dubs his music “the thinking man’s EDM, ” and with the way the beat is composed this seems largely true. A clean, technically complex house beat accompanies Natalie Major’s piercing vocals.

With three other mixes of “Love at First Sight, ” it’s clear that Van Norden is enjoying the flexibility of electronic production, as well as its collaboration potential. With more tracks, EPs and remixes on the way, Van Norden is one to watch in the EDM scene. Stream and purchase all the variations of “Love at First Sight” on Van Norden’s Bandcamp page and follow his new releases on his Twitter @vannorden_music


Written by Layla Marino

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