schoolgirlOn January 29th through the 31st, those in the Los Angeles area can head over to the Bootleg Theater to hear the latest in the concert series put on by GIRLSCHOOL, an art and music collective made up of female artists. The group was created by Anna Bulbrook, a performer who is a part of several different bands. She noticed that she was one of only a few women playing onstage at different alternative rock festivals, and she decided to do something about that. GIRLSCHOOL is designed to showcase female artists while also bringing them together to network and promote women in the entertainment industry.

But it’s more than just an amazing concert series. GIRLSCHOOL also helps the next generation of women in music by putting the proceeds towards non-profit organizations that help young women. For example, the proceeds from their 2015 concert went to fund the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls LA. GIRLSCHOOL isn’t exclusive, though—Bulbrook and the others involved, make sure to be as inclusive as possible, inviting those of all genders and gender identities to the table. The idea is to create a festival that anyone who loves music can come to and feel welcomed at.

Their January concert is set to feature Bulbrook and her bandmates in The Bulls along with Nightjacket, Kim & The Created, Kera and the Lesbians, Gothic Tropic, and more. All together 16 bands and three DJs will take the stage over the course of the weekend. Weekend tickets are available online for only $15.

If you want a preview of what the weekend will bring, you can listen to a special single written and recorded by The Bulls called “Prudence.” The song, while written before his death, was vocally inspired by the late David Bowie. It’s available online for free from various websites.
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