BROOKLYN ELECTROPOP DUO PROM PREMIERE DREAMY "MINDSIGHT"PROM is the dreamwave collaboration of Ella Zoller (vocals, synth) and Gabriel Stanley (vocals, synth, guitar) based out of Brooklyn, NY. They met in late 2012 and soon after joined forces with producer Dave “Champagne” Weingarten, and recorded their first EP Keeping Company in a series of hazy late-night sessions in early 2013. PROM describes their sound as pop forward with a dark slant that focuses on harmonies, sparkles, trap beats and a preoccupation with the lower frequencies.

Following the release of Keeping Company in late 2014, PROM plans to release a new album in 2016 which features a more focused framework of their formerly airy, spacious sound. Recorded in a series of isolated sessions in Weingarten’s studio the “Champagne Room” in Crown Heights throughout the first half of 2015, the new tracks represent various shades of the struggle of self-actualization.