RYALNew York City has obviously undergone significant cultural changes over the past few decades, but one thread that hasn’t come unraveled over time has been the city’s consistent role as a nuclear-powered icebreaker in the music world. One of her citizens, RYAL, has already drawn comparisons to the sweet siren songs of Björk and Florence Welch, while simultaneously breaking new ground thanks to the alt-pop production and arrangement from her co-writer and producer, Aaron Nevezie.

RYAL has moved on from her earlier work (a dark, moody sound not unlike Portishead) to maturing into writing songs with a more distinct disco-pop feel. “It’s easier to write a depressing song, but more of a challenge to be optimistic, and attempt writing timeless numbers that also give the listener positive feelings. I don’t want to make pop songs full of fluff, but rather make songs full of content that resonates with my age group.” Paired with the production stylings of Nevezie, RYAL’s latest output has done just that.