Following the end of their King of Limbs tour in 2012, Radiohead stepped back from performing as a group to allow members the chance to work on some solo projects.   But now, almost four years later, the British rock band is back and headlining a number of music festivals.  If you’ve been kicking yourself for years for not going to one of their concerts, now’s the time to make up for that mistake.  Go see Radiohead and help them realize that fans want them to tour again!

While Radiohead hasn’t announced a full tour yet, you can find them headlining a number of festivals in 2016.  The first is Barcelona’s Primaversa Sound Festival, which is scheduled for June 1st through 5th.  Radiohead is the headliner for this event.  Next, they’ll join a number of other bands, including Mumford & Sons, at the OpenAir St Gallen in Switzerland.  This festival starts on June 30th and ends July 3rd.  Their next performance will be in Portugal, where they will take the stage at the NOS Alive Festival on July 8th through the 10th.

But don’t worry—you won’t have to travel to Europe to see Radiohead in concert.  They will be headlining the popular Lollapalooza festival the end of July in Chicago.  This will be Radiohead’s second time performing at the event following their 2008 performance there.  This will be the festival’s 25th anniversary and the first time it’s been a four-day event.  A number of other performers will also be playing at Lollapalooza, which takes place between July 28th and 31st.

While there’s no proof yet, many fans speculate that Radiohead is planning to release their ninth album this year and are preparing for a tour to help publicize it.  In fact, many people expect the album’s release date to come very quickly in Spring 2016.