opium denn3Opium Denn is a new project by an elusive character who gives neither his real name nor his whereabouts, but who can clearly rock the guitar and has an interesting understanding and use of sound vibrations in his music. Demarkation is his first album, released in November, and as a concept album each of its singles are being released with a corresponding motion-stop animation video by Jon Jones. “I am a Feeling #1” is the first of these videos, release with two others as a trilogy.

In “I am a Feeling #1, ” Opium Denn’s soon-to-be-characteristic guitars are more subtle than in other tracks. It is an interesting choice as a lead track, as it seems like it could be more of an interlude piece. Far from setting the tone of the album, it is more of a progressive rock intro. Beginning and with a long, ambient-style musical track and containing very few vocals, it pair well with the psychedelic style of its corresponding video. Other tracks released in the trilogy, “Leaf” and “So Many Faces” continue to tell the story of a very well-sculpted doll on a journey. Future videos should reveal more of the story to come.

Opium Denn uses something called “Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations (HEVs)” to create more depth and interest in his music. There is a clear difference between the HEV and non-HEV versions of each song, though the artist has heretofore not explained that difference much, other than to say it can give the listener a bit of a buzz. It should be interesting to see if these HEVs are explained more, either in the context of sound science or simply in the context of his music. In the meantime, there is plenty to listen to and experience with “I am a Feeling #1” and the rest of the tracks on Demarkation. The full album can be streamed in its non-HEV form on Opium Denn’s Soundcloud page, while the videos have been released on his Youtube channel in their HEV form. The album can also be purchased in either form on CD Baby.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rzu15u-bj0&w=560&h=315]

Written by Layla Marino

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