Welcome to the Circus greater than big top tents and elephants, Welcome to the circus from hell. Allegedly founded by the dead, this extravaganza upholds its prestige for wicked and distorted antics. Currently playing at L.A’s Club Nokia through January 30th, Cirque Berzerk provokes audiences with a lavish portrayal of desire, eroticism, fear, greed and lust. Originally a production of the Burning Man Festival where it found notoriety, it’s evolved into a full tour spectacle shocking spectators at every opportunity.

Jaws dropped across the audience as they witnessed contortionists shift into unimaginable positions. Eyebrows rose while acrobats defied the laws of physics by flying high above the crowd using hoops and ribbons. Unlike other circus events, the plot is just as important as the performers on stage. Ringleader Death (Kevin Bourque) convinces an innocent woman (Emilie Livingston) to sign her soul away in exchange for the fame and stardom in his circus. The acts developed as Livingston transformed from a girl-next-door to a full fledged rebel releasing her devilish urges.

Cirque Berzerk is a must see event. This is entertainment at its best. With the production entering its final week, make sure to book an event and witness this marvelous show before it ends.