Electronic music duo Crystal Method made a special appearance at Exchange LA Friday night. People waited anxiously to enter the building as the lines stretched across Spring Street. The state of the art nightclub proved to be a perfect location as laser beam lights and fog machines matched with the aggressive tunes playing from the massive sound system.

As Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan climbed behind the DJ booth, they introduced themselves to the crowd while Crystal Method shined brightly behind the massive LED screen. A wave of cheers swept the dance floor as they began spinning their set lists. Bodies instantly began dancing along with the beat while they combined the top hits into one continuous track. Kirkland and Jordan alternated turns with headphones as they added their personal tastes musically. The night included over two hours worth of action from the talented duo and also included Busy Child from their Vegas debut album.

Crystal Method delivered an amazing performance filled with addictive music that forced everyone to react. They combined music from Depeche Mode and classic rock multiple times. The Los Angeles based duo expressed appreciation for the home crowd by posing for pictures and constantly interacting with the audience.

Tour Dates and Info: http://www.thecrystalmethod.com/

photos and review by: Jacob Gaitan