Live Review & Photos by: Jacob Gaitan

photos by: Jacob Gaitan

Los Angeles natives “Many of Odd Nature” played at the Good Hurt Monday night. Lead by singer and songwriter Charly Gienau, the six-piece act combined elements of dark wave, industrial and gothic rock while sending musical shivers across everyone’s spine. They began the evening with “Sticks With You”, an out of this realm electronic track, which established a chilling mood filled with haunting vocals that lingered in the air. Gienau slowly transformed into a fearless creature on stage as she danced and convulsed with a guitar strapped to her body. The crowd responded with thunderous ovations after each song providing a euphoric sensation for the band.

The evening continued with “In A Shell, ” a melody driven guitar track that exposed a gentle and emotional side as Gienau revealed herself in front of the audience. Throughout the night, harmonicas, trumpets and tambourines solidified their unique sound as they experimented with multiple instruments on stage. The keyboards traveled seamlessly across the room as it blended with a thumping bass. They finished the night with “Symantics”, a dark industrial track filled with addicting rhythms and catchy hooks suited perfect for any dance floor. Many of Odd Nature live up to their name, as they appear being twenty places at once musically. A few Los Angeles dates have been announced in April and May. The unsigned band currently seeks representation as they move closer to completing their album.

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