Live Review & Photos by: Jacob Gaitan

photos by: JACOB GAITAN

Rapper Big B (Real name Bryan Mahoney) stopped at the House of Blues in Hollywood supporting headliners House of Pain. Accompanied by a live bassist and drummer, Big B unleashed a lyrical rampage with multiple freestyles that had the crowd bouncing their arms in the air. The evening included a mixture of rock and country songs while blending light samples of reggae mashed into a hip hop onslaught.




Big B’s set list contained material from his latest album Good Times & Bad Advice. His stage presence displayed a calm and poised rapper delivering massive hooks and catchy choruses that forced crowd participations across the floor. Having actual musicians accompany him on stage instead of a DJ mixing his music added raw layers that aren’t felt at most hip-hop shows. Big B maintained the momentum left on stage by openers Dirtball and Sozay, as fans raised their drinks in the air supporting his content. Before walking off stage, He repeatedly thanked the crowd and everyone on tour. Since collaborating with Unwritten Law, Kottonmouth Kings, and Hed PE, Big B has been on a nonstop path creating a name in the hip-hop world. Catch him this summer as he makes an appearance at Warped Tour.