Live Review & Photos by: JACOB GAITAN



Boston rock group State Radio continued their American “State of Troy” Tour as they stopped at the Glasshouse in Pomona. Lead by guitarist and singer Chad Urmston, they performed before a limited audience revealing their musical talents at every opportunity. The three-piece act incorporated a punk rock sound with a political twist that fans quickly reacted to. Thick layers of fog constantly filled the stage as multi colored lights added a warm ambience to their engaging performance. Drummer Mike Najarian controlled the crowd energy during the hour long set list, sending out aggressive beats and heavy rhythms. Completing the lineup was Bassist Chuck Fay who delivered solid vibrations that ricocheted off the walls.

Between songs, Urmston interacted with the audience as he provided information about songs and addressed current events that sparked loud responses across the floor. The crowd reactions alternated throughout the evening depending on the musical direction. Many jumped and bounced their heads in unison to the heavier rhythms, then danced to the thick roots of ska and reggae. The Glasshouse offered a rare opportunity to enjoy State Radio up-close due to their small capacity, which pleased everyone as they pressed firmly towards the stage.