Live Review and Photos by: Jacob Gaitan

Los Angeles based musical duo She Wants Revenge played at the Glasshouse in front of a sold out crowd. Lead singer Justin Warfield ignited the audience as they kicked off the show with their latest single “Take The World.” Fans absorbed the rhythmic vibrations traveling in the air as they danced like wild flames. Adam 12 alternated from bass duties to keys multiple times while supplying their dark and captivating sound. They continued the night with their highly successful track “These Things” which became a sing along sensation amongst the audience. Sweat quickly built up across the floor as their addicting beats carried on with “Sister” off their first record.

The evening continued as  Justin carried his son on stage and timidly introduced his favorite song. Throughout the night, five new songs were performed from their soon to be released album Valleyheart. Fans in attendance received a special treat as they heard “Kiss Me, Up In Flames, Reasons” and “Little Stars” for the first time live. Concluding their seventy-minute set list was their hit single “Tear You Apart” which led the crowd to repeatedly shouted “I Want To F****** Tear You Apart” between each chorus. After the show concluded, fans headed over to the main lobby as Adam 12 and Justin signed autographs and posed for photos expressing their fan base appreciation. 


She Wants Revenge will release their Valleyheart May 24th off their new label Five Seven Music. They will perform at Coachella Sunday, April 17th in Indio.

Photos by: Jacob Gaitan

She Wants Revenge – Must Be The One (Official Video)