Adam Goldberg’s current musical venture, The Goldberg Sisters, was spearheaded in the wake of his 2009 debut as LANDy. Google Landy and discover: Taiwanese pop sensation Landy Wen, Mexican troubadour Landy, Landy Insurance Company, Landy Cognac, a song about Landy cognac by Snoop Dog, myspace rapper Landy who you might know from the holiday favorite, “I Wanna Fuck.” Goldberg decided to change names–albeit only after rationalizing he had spearheaded a worldwide movement.

It is Goldberg’s lofty ambition that this new album which ranges in sound from the psychedelic to the psychotropic, exploring themes from the depressing to the negligibly less depressing, will put a wiggle in your step and a Prozac in your coffee.

Little is known about a purported twin that Goldberg calls Celeste. Whether or not she is actually a bearded twin sister who masterminds these projects or just a thorny offshoot of Dissociative Identity Disorder remains unclear. Given the lifelong acrimony that, according to Goldberg, pervades their relationship the future of The Goldberg Sisters is precarious at best. Please enjoy the fruits of their labors. Before they rot.


The Goldberg Sisters album is out now!
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