Las Vegas heavy metal band Taking Dawn played at the Roxy promoting their debut album ‘Time To Burn’. Lead singer Chris Babbitt energized the crowd early on by delivering thunderous screams as they began their set list. Guitar riffs instantly flooded the air while Mikey Cross and Babbitt fed off each other’s intensity. “Take Me Away” stirred a few mosh pits across the floor while drummer Carlo Mazzone violently crushed cymbals together. The rapid guitar solos exchanged between Cross and Babbitt impressed fans everywhere resulting in aggressive head banging from fans.

Babbitt’s interaction with the audience grew larger after every song. Middle fingers were aimed towards the ceiling on his command. His comical side was exposed when he asked everyone to raise their hands in the air exposing their armpits. The request caused girls to blush while he singled out a few personally; stating girls raising their arms in the air is sexy. During their last song, Babbitt stormed into the crowd as he leapt from the stage while shredding across the Roxy. He traveled from the VIP area while walking on tables until eventually finding the stage to end the adrenaline fueled night.

The four-piece act has gained fans while on the road supporting Airbourne, Kiss and Dragonforce last year overseas. Their heavy melodies and stage performance are reminiscent to classic rock acts. Songs “Time To Burn, Close Your Eyes” and “The Chain” highlight their amazing musical talents as a group. They are currently working on new material for their sophomore album.