Live Review & Photos by: JACOB GAITAN

photo by: JACOB GAITAN

Alternative rock group Golden State have created quite a buzz around southern California as their debut album launches this summer. Natives to Los Angeles, they performed before a crowded Viper room while many danced to the pop driven guitar melodies. Lead singer James Grundler’s vocal range combined layers of optimism and calmness while harmonizing high-pitched screams. Their musical content fused emotional modern rock with heavy rhythm twists transforming fans into dance machines across the floor. Guitarist Marc Boggio’s electric energy provided enduring riffs solidifying their soothing theme.

Their set list consisted of material from “Standing On The Edge Of It All, ” an EP released last fall featuring five tracks and “Division, ” their highly anticipated debut album. “World On Fire’s” gradual start ignited into a melodious frenzy begging for a stadium performance. “Splinters Out” channeled tranquility and serenity with pacifying tempos and passionate lyrics. Drummer Fern Sanchez maintained steady beats combining an unrelenting momentum with bassist Alex Parnell. Loud cheers consumed the air after each song while the band basked in the glorious ovation. As they performed “Rocket, ” an overwhelming response was expelled from fans causing head bouncing motions and others jumping with excitement. Before walking off stage, they thanked the audience for an amazing evening and promised to return soon.
Golden State have been featured on “Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch” and “Flashpoint”. The BBC’s coverage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s royal wedding highlighted “Till The End” as their official coverage theme. Gaining commercial success across multiple platforms without support from a major label summarizes their dedication and passion for music. Goldenstate’s debut album “Division” hits stores July 19th with a summer tour currently in the works.