Live Review and Photos by : Ada Zumaya

Everyday Animals have been clawing their way around the Los Angeles independent circuit as of late. Their performance at Molly Malone’s Pub included versatility and excitement during each song.  Across the stage, the four-piece ensemble displayed a wide variety of musical beats that quickly defined their unique sound. The mutual charisma reflected amongst each other and radiated towards the audience. The live energy shined through as much as their music, which kept the audience in a sweet disposition throughout the show.

Songs like “Measured in Light” and “Timeline” revealed Kevin Shima’s clear and melodic voice. Brian Hobart’s impeccable keyboards traveled with strong intensity. The fast rhythm beats in “Hey You” highlighted his talents and musical abilities. Adam Darlin’s agility behind drums carried their musical momentum all night. His small solo towards the end of their set was captivating and impressive. Loud cheers and excitement spread across the air from the audience after each song. Will Schulz’ bass and harmonies completed the great ensemble while adding lingering crescendos throughout the night.

Between songs, Shima provided a back-story with the audience regarding each song. He exposed his quirky side by delivering a few jokes with the audience, some receiving more reactions than others.  Everyday Animals showed combined folk rock and electro funk with fierceness and magnitude. Aside from their musical capabilities, they also showed diversity in lyricism, adding attraction and lure to their sound.

Photos by : Ada Zumaya
[album: Animals At Molly Malones /]