Gary Go is a man of many hats; a multi-talented artist whose vision knows no bounds. After working in studios all across England and writing two solo records, Gary jumped to the forefront of the dance scene with “Cinema, ” a track that he wrote and performed vocals on for GRAMMY winning mega-producer Benny Benassi. Gary has toured the globe as a poster child for international dance anthems, but with his new album Now Was Once The Future, he’s proven to the world that he is more than just a featured singer.

Now Was Once the Future takes listeners on a journey through the mind of Gary Go, chronicling the emotional experience of being abandoned by the one you love. The soundtrack mini-album was produced and written by Gary Go and was released on January 11th via Gary’s own label The Whipping Club. “Superfuture” is an up-tempo blast of 80’s goodness which features a driving drum beat and a pulsating bassline. The powerful rhythm section and layers of epic synths and horns create a perfect musical tapestry for Gary’s powerful yet sincere vocals.