pavilionBoris Rogowski or German psycho pop band Die Sonne has a new project called The Society Islands, with a new album just released last month called The Big Sleep.  Accompanying the album is an unofficial video for the first single, “Archer.”  Fans won’t find any psycho pop on The Big Sleep, but Rogowski has rather branched out with a number of different styles. “Archer” is indicative of this desire in Rogowski to branch out and explore the other sides of his musical ability, and he does it with grace and thoughtfulness.


“Archer” shows Rgowski’s vocal and musical range.  It’s a dreamy, meandering track which utilizes a sweet, Moog-like synthesizer to create the plodding, journey-like feel of the track.  In fact, the unofficial video pictures a woman simply walking across various settings, signifying a journey which never ends.  This is a consistent theme in The Big Sleep: dreams versus reality, the disappointment of impossible possibilities, and the unending journey of striving for these things.

The Big Sleep is available to stream and for purchase on The Society Islands’ Bandcamp page via download. The physical version of the album will be released on November 14 with the project’s first live show in Rogowski’s native Cologne.  For more shows and news, visit The Society Islands page on Tumblr.

Written by Layla Marino

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