The best memories are never more than a song away at the Echoplex’s Taking Back Tuesday Emo Night. Inspired by the 2000’s era of emo, pop punk and post hardcore music, this event speaks to the hearts of those who grew up listening it.

Fans first have to combat a never-ending line to gain entry to the once a month event, although that hardly seems to deter any of the music lovers. Special guest DJs, music video backdrops, makes getting drunk on nostalgia much more fun than listening to it alone in your bedroom. The night delivers hit after hit playing artists like Something Corporate, Head Automatica, New Found Glory, and, of course, Taking Back Sunday.

For the month of February, guest DJ Mark Hoppus—of Blink-182—takes the music back its roots with The Cure before moving into Panic at the Disco’s “I write Sins Not tragedies.” A mash up of Spice Girls “Wannabe” with Blink-182’s “Dammit” proved to be a crowd favorite.

Emo Night takes the crowd back to a time that left a huge impression on their lives. Sure, some of the songs are sad, but the memories they spark are so great that no one wants to let go of the past