Currently supporting Mötley Crüe on ‘The Final Tour’ alongside Alice Cooper, The Cringe made a close home stop appearance in Brooklyn unleashing aggressive tunes that solidified the evening direction. Lead singer John Cusimano took advantage of the wide stage, kicking off their set list with ‘Anything You Say’ off their upcoming fourth studio album ‘Blind Spot’. Cusimano stormed from coast to coast on stage as attendees filled the arena. The multi-layered metal renditions were quickly welcomed as they fused rapid melodies with head banging action. With high-pitched rhythms and contagious drumbeats, their presence was instantly felt.

Guitarist James Rotondi provided some addicting riffs that made it impossible to sit still. Although their catalog extends three albums, their track selection was enough to catapult each listener and entertain them enough to spark more than just curiosity. After performing ‘Big Trouble, ’ another single off their upcoming effort, Cusimano jumped off stage onto the barricade with a megaphone in hand and crowd fueled adrenaline in another. Fans rushed the stage with glowing phones in hand to capture a glimpse and participate in the chaotic action as they played ‘In God We Trust’.  Whether or not the songs struck a familiar cord, it sustained a long enough shouting match with wild chorus participations.

Their performance signed off with a stellar cover of ‘Thin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak, ’ which landed perfectly on the eighties hair metal fan base in attendance. With a dozen years on the road and about the globe, it’s suiting to find this four-piece act with heavyweight contenders in an arena scale. Thirty minutes of a set list packed enough firepower to make a strong impact before the nostalgia arrived and consumed the media waves with the chilling moniker Rest In Peace Mötley Crüe. The Cringe have an expected date of October 16th for the album ‘Blind Spot’ currently available for pre-order. Listed tour dates extend through early September with a fall schedule soon to be released.