When La Luz came on stage Saturday night, it was as if a party had begun. The quartet came on stage and the first thing that anyone saw were the beach balls that were flying out of their hands, already setting the mood to comfort. Adding to this level of comfort was the music: steady drum beats with guitar riffs that tied everything together like a present. Despite there being songs with harsher rhythm guitar, the riffs would mellow it out to the point where there was no drastic difference between the music, creating an effortless and seamless set for the women of La Luz.

Along with their music creating an atmosphere that was friendly and warm, their personalities filled the space. Earlier in the night there was conversation of tonight’s super moon. In light of this, the girls decided to throw some kind of celebration. After a brief deliberation they decided that it would be best if people would line up in the center, in the same fashion of a soul train line, and have people crowd surf to the front. This worked extremely well and everyone was really pleased with the efforts. Some people even got up on stage and danced with them during the song that this was happening in.

The women of La Luz were constantly dancing throughout their set and definitely setting the mood for a party. They glided across the floor and danced in their own spaces and in the space of their band mates. This level of comfort with their audience and with each other is what reminds people of why they listen to live music in the first place, why they go to shows, for the community. In a world that’s constantly changing, the girls of La Luz are making sure that the love and passion for the music remain strong, and reminding everyone of why we fell in love with music in the first place.