“There was this cool, cool girl, ” Kate Nash quietly crooned to start off her Thursday night set Within a minute, the British singer-songwriter transitioned the tune, “Sister, ” into an all out rock jam.

Whether Nash and her aptly named “amazing girl band” consider themselves “cool girls, ” the crowd certainly seemed the think so. The foursome played to a packed, sweaty crowd at Los Angeles’ The Echo, trading old hits with new numbers for an all out raucous show. 

Nash has been on the scene since 2007, transitioning from pop-rock with her first album to a tougher punk sound with her latest release in 2013. Her set included favorites from past albums including a frenzied version of “OMYGOD!, ” the playful “Doo-Wah-Doo, ” and the oh-so-sweet “Mouthwash.”

Nash played a handful of upcoming tunes including the bitingly relatable, “I Drink About You.” New songs seemed to pick up where her latest album left off—with sharply crafted lyrics, that never get lost amongst the expert instrumentals from her bandmates.

Unknown numbers were met with equal enthusiasm to most old favorites. But the utter glee for “Foundation, ” the tune that put Nash on the map, was hard to match, and featured an expected flurry of phone shots for mini music videos.