On Dec. 5, 2015 Lights performed at the 18th annual Snow Cap Party at Pyramid Breweries. It was a rainy cold night but Lights took us “Up and Away” and by the end of her set the tented venue was steaming hot.

Lights is original and talented and a woman we are not going to be able to keep in a box. She sings about dilemmas and performs with a ton of energy and raw talent. Lights knows how to connect with her audience and between songs accepts cool artwork from her fans. Without knowing her music, her charm and skills will win over even the most strict music enthusiast.

Lights mixes electronic music with acoustic instrumentals and it’s pleasantly surprising. She could probably be heard more on the radio if she decided to just stick with acoustic-indie-pop or electronic dance music — but that’s not going to happen and it shouldn’t. She’s got the ability to play guitar and then can turn around and jam on a synthesizer – this style surprises an audience and like Bjork, Lights could find herself developing a whole new genre of music. Great show, incredible person and we’ve known it a long time — her music and performances are rock solid and will leave you figuring out how to get to the next place she’s performing!

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