The Knocks are on their first headlining tour. Cardiknox are joining them. Both bands are expected to drop their highly anticipated debut albums in early March. Both bands put on a show more exciting and electric than some seasoned professionals can claim.

cardiknoxAfter a set by Seattle band Go Periscope, duo Cardiknox takes the stage. Singer Lonnie Angle is dressed with a high pony with a spark in her eyes with partner Thomas Dutton. Her voice is purely her own, but evokes fellow brat pop rocker Charli XCX, a perfect fit for the youthful choruses she belts out to the audience. Her vocals are filled with conviction and fire, conveying each lyric and the authentic passion behind them.

“Sorry mom and dad… this song is about sex!” is just one of the many highlights of the set, the duo burns through jams like “Doors, ” unreleased anthem “Perfect Storm, ” and the recently dropped “Into the Night.” The band gives a vibrantly exuberant performance, and if this is what they do with a small stage in less than an hour, they’re only going to be a force of nature as their debut album takes them to new heights.

The Knocks follows up, the New York duo’s attitude is much different than their openers, but the party is undoubtedly still going strong. James “JPatt” Patterson’s delivery comes across unfazed and composed, completely unvexed by everything around him as he trades banter with Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner. They joke about the former’s old days of attempting to be a rapper before he  raps in place of Wyclef Jean’s parts in their latest single “Kiss the Sky.” Their Matthew Koma collaboration “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)” was a hit with the crowd, as was the part they threw back to one of the first songs the public had ever heard from The Knocks: “Magic.” The audience ate up the semi-ballad that sounded incredible washing through the room.

No other moment topped off the night as the closing number, when Lonnie of Cardiknox joined the duo for the final song “Classic.” No doubt The Knocks’ biggest single, and the performance captured the energy of both bands perfectly with a mix of buoyant vigor and a flirty sensuality. That vibe pretty much encapsulates the whole show: for a moment in time a gang of crazy youngsters at the Neumos stage owned Seattle for the night.

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55 by The Knocks will be released March 4th, 2016 and is available for pre-order. Keep up with their tour dates, as well as their social media:

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Portrait by Cardiknox will be released March 11th, 2016 and is available for pre-order. Keep up with their tour dates, as well as their social media:
SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram