Bay areas latest sensation G-Eazy stormed into the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles igniting a magnetic frenzy across the sold out crowd. Currently supporting his sophomore album ‘When Its Dark Out, ’ G-Eazy appeared with his signature skull bandana embracing the audience appraisal. Dylan Thomas’ famous villanelle ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ was recited as the introduction, quickly building the anticipation of ‘Random’ to begin the ninety-minute set list.

Spectators went hysterical as the lights focused on the elaborate run down set featuring a sketchy motel, waterhole bar and options for eye-popping adult entertainment. G-Eazy stormed from corner to corner, bouncing his hand in sync with the audience’s participation. Written on neon blood, ‘The Saint’ flashed repeatedly above G-Eazy’s head, appropriately providing the tongue-in-cheek punch line to his wise beyond years lyrical content. ‘One Of Them’ and ‘All These Things’ evolved into a shouting match with the fans, often allowing attendees to conclude each verse with a massive collaboration. The set list featured content from his debut album ‘These Things Happen’ which garnered one of the loudest ovations of the evening including the encore closing song of ‘I Mean It.’

Although a native to Oakland, G-Eazy received a strong southern California welcoming causing him to acknowledge Los Angeles as one of his favorite locations to perform outside of the bay. The uphill battle to superstardom has arguably arrived. Previous tours include opening support with Drake and Snoop Dogg but the transition into a must see headlining act appears to be a force to be reckoned with. The five week North American tour concludes on the 18th in Honolulu before making a near by homecoming stop in San Francisco on the 11th. G-Eazy returns to Southern California in April for two weeks of Coachella before his May European tour beginning in Denmark.