“We wrote ‘Woman’ between Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day last year, ” HONNE told us in an email. “So on one hand it is a romantic song, but on another it’s about relationships in general and just knowing you are cared for and care for the ones around you, be it a girlfriend, mother, or just a best friend.”

HONNE are soulful electronic duo Andy (on vocals) and James (on production), whose atmospheric West Coast influences find their slightly less evocative source in the South-West of England (specifically, Somerset and Wiltshire). They met at university, forming a close bond befitting the first new person each other had spoken to. Slowly they set about developing their sound and production skills, between part-time jobs teaching music in schools.

Together they create a very distinct & sophisticated night-time, sultry sound. Warm, sensual, smooth, electronic music inspired by classic soul and complex synths. Retro-tinged soul, Andy’s vocals provide a smooth sensual seductive tone to the ever so slick electro-RnB funk-pop productions. Another soaring single under their belt, and HONNE’s own destination is still to be continued.

The name Honne and Tatemae (HONNE’s label) are Japanese words that describe the contrast between a person’s true feelings and desires and the behavior and opinions one displays in public and this theme is reflected in the music of HONNE.

Download “Woman” for free now here.