bftcEast London duo Boy From the Crowd have released a debut EP, called Where the Bees Come to Die which defies the stylistic conventions of even the most unconventional genres of music. A melange of blues, punk and even a little power rock, the huge, raw sound coming from just guitarist/singer Vinny Piana and drummer Vegas Ivy borders on astounding. Their most recent single and video, “All I Need” exemplifies the group’s desire for the raw power of rock with the subtlety and soul of blues.

The punk rock power on “All I Need” is largely due to Piana’s vocals, which sound like an even more pissed off Joe Strummer. Piana has clearly sacrificed form for substance when it comes to vocals, with a gravely yell which could drive home any lyrical point, regardless of what it is. With his guitars also come a raw power, but it is more nuanced due to his better-than-average blues technique. Vegas’ drums follow Piana’s fervor wherever he decides to go, but manages to anchor him to a consistent beat as well.

Where the Bees Come to Die is an interesting and truly different EP,  and “All I Need” introduces the uninitiated to Boy From the Crowd’s unique brand of blues-punk fusion. Check out “All I Need” along with the group’s other videos on their YouTube channel or stream or purchase the EP on their Bandcamp page.


Written by Layla Marino

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