wellmanJim Wellman is one of the founding members of legendary 90s acid jazz group The Brand New Heavies. Wellman is now back with a new solo album,  Dawn to Dusk,  due out on February 29. On February 8, he released a preview EP called For the First Time. The lead single off this EP,  “Probably Good, ” shows that Wellman hasn’t lost his step as a great acid jazz producer.

From the very beginning of “Probably Good, ” fans of acid jazz will instantly recognize similarities to early Heavies’ work. What makes this track both more modern and more Wellman is a much heavier (pardon the pun) leaning on saxophone grooves. The base track itself is light and pop-driven with a little Latin flare.

The Brand New Heavies were also known adding sometimes quite stark political statements to their work, and “Probably Good, ” is no exception where Wellman’s new work is concerned. Via singer Judy LaRose “Probably Good” makes a statement about capitalism, greed, and an unhealthy consumer cycle in modern society.

While Jim Wellman once said he would never return to acid jazz, it seems he’s lost none of his form or passion now that he’s decided to come back. “Probably Good” and its EP-mates are a welcome return to form for this acid jazz forerunner. Check out the video for “Probably Good” on YouTube along with a few other choice videos from Wellman. For the First Time,  the Prequel EP, can be streamed or purchased on itunes or CD baby. The full album, Dawn to Dusk, releases on February 29.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxBHnQP8AUE]

Written by Layla Marino

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