Two weeks into her ‘Gimmie Love Tour, ’ Carly Rae Jepsen stormed into the Fonda Theatre supporting her third album ‘E.MO.TION.’ The Grammy nominated singer romanticized the audience early on with her hit single ‘Run Away With Me’ to begin the ninety-minute set list. Having relocated to Los Angeles, the new hometown audience provided an amicable ruckus loud enough to cure any homesick woes. Filled with contagious energy and louder than life crowd participations, Jepsen rallied everyone into a synchronized assembly that showed no signs of exhaustion. Her interaction between attendees appeared defenseless, often providing sparks of motivational advice that continuously captivated fans.

Between songs, Jepsen disclosed brief preludes that varied from intimate versions of bad relationships to upbeat keepsakes of love and passion. Fans soaked in the wide spectrum advice by collaborating to every verse and delivering simultaneous performances. ‘Boy Problems’ and ‘When I Needed You’ didn’t damper the ambiance much to its titles appeal since the night proved to be a powerful dose of addicting dance routines that pressed the levels of bliss into another league. ‘I Didn’t Come Here To Dance’ and ‘LA Hallucinations’ reached a pinnacle level that progressed seamlessly into the power pop rendition destined to repeat long after the curtain call.

The musical dynamic extended its range though the back up bands acoustic participation during ‘Curiosity.’ Hollywood enticed Jepsen from start to finish while serenading the stage resulting in charismatic smiles and perpetual embraces. The encore felt more of a sudden pause, which bottled the energy into the ever-contagious ‘Call Me Maybe, ’ easily receiving the loudest ovation. Before signing off, Jepsen thanked the capacity crowd for their loyal support while introducing the final song as a lead in reminder of not only loving everyone present, but really, really, really, really really liking them.

Jepsen completely ignited the Fonda Theatre. Her tour concludes the final week of March before heading out to Japan at the beginning of April.


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