Based in Brooklyn, NY, Tiger + Man is an electro-acoustic collaboration between Austin-raised, Tiger Darrow and South African-born Andrew Orkin. Both award winning composers and songwriters, Darrow and Orkin met in 2012 and collaborated on both commercial and passion projects before creating a cohesive sound that they felt best represented their artistic corner in the music industry.

“Wondering, ” a song that traverses the awkward intentions of infatuation. “I’ve Got Nothing, ” follows with a fusion of soul and gritty electronica. The EP then slows down for their stripped down, synth-ballad, “Alright”, but T + M quickly snap the listener out of the soothing message with the second heavy track of the EP, “Lay Me Down.” Drawing on the 18th century bedtime prayer, “Now i Lay Me Down To Sleep”. Finally, the EP closes with T + M’s most raw and minimally-produced song, “Paper Cranes, ” a song questioning the purity, futility and intention of faith.