Eliot Sumner performed at the Echo Tuesday night in support of her debut solo album ‘Information.’ Armed with a massive bass, a jump suit and high-pitched vocals, the Italian musician began the night with ‘Dead Arms and Legs.’ The slow approach introduction provided an adequate portrayal of the undertone elements highlighted by Sumner’s vocal range. Choruses echoed across the venue as they welcomed the aggressive anticipation of electric melodies colliding with thunderous cymbals. Sumner provided the audience with a certain level of serenity with her voice, giving soothing beats of optimism wrapped with heavy bass lines.

Sumner collaborated extremely well with the band, incorporating members as she stalked the stage. ‘I Followed You Home’ added upbeat rhythms that lingered throughout the night. As she stepped away from the microphone, Sumner showed signs of wanting to add heavier and aggressive portions to contrast the electronic pop driven tracks. ‘Halfway To Hell’ graduated to a darker stance while maintaining the contagious dance concepts the night began with. The scratch and slide guitar solos enhanced Sumner’s ability to eclipse smooth synthesizers with harsh and overcast rock jams. Still, Sumner appeared confident and fearless while expanding multiple styles and platforms on each track.

Twelve songs made the set list with a much anticipated encore performance of ‘Self Machine, ’ from Sumner’s band ‘I Blame Coco.’ The audience displayed a very dedicated response, chanting for more material after the house lights arrived. Sumner invoked a lively persona on stage, often covered in smiles and enjoying every ounce available. Sumner has a unique element that isn’t found in today’s independent music scene. She performs with an uncanny ambition to make her music heard without being pretentious. ‘Information’ was released January 22nd via Island Records. The North American tour continues through June with Toronto, Canada as the last stop. With a recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel live on March 7th, Sumner’s journey to reach a wider audience is rapidly increasing.