badreed1There’s a new contender for best blues rock band punching their way out of a town near Toronto and making their way to the US. Bad Reed have just released their debut self-titled EP, and their style is a heady mélange of blues, rock, indie electro and metal which is sure to make an impact on the international indie scene. “Punch It” is the first single on this EP and it loudly proclaims Bad Reed’s technical prowess, diversity and indie appeal.

At base, “Punch It” is a blues song. Guitarist Graham Walker, drummer Costa Chatzis and Bassist Austin Sharpe provide his blues foundation as Sydney Sollazzo’s Nord Stage 2 synth sneaks its way into the track. The Nord and Sollazzo’s vocals add a different element to the track, making it eerie and somehow even more soulful. A flourish of metal comes with Walker’s guitar solo, solidifying “Punch It” as a very different type of blues rock track.

With “Punch It” and the rest of the songs on Bad Reed’s debut EP, the band are already well on establishing themselves as a breakout hit in the indie and blues rock scenes. The full EP can be streamed or downloaded for free on Bad Reed’s Bandcamp page, and check out their website to learn more about the spooky sounds of this cutting-edge group.


Written by Layla Marino

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