sakkie-logo-superheroSakkieFTW is a new EDM producer out of Vancouver who names influences such as Zomboy and Excision in describing his sound. His debut EP,  Experiment 1.2.3, however, contains sounds and structures that the likes of Zomboy could only dare dream. Combining glitch, dubstep, drum and bass and even pop to make his roiling, twisting basslines and grind-driven anti-melodies, SakkieFTW shows with his music the limitless potential of the new formats in electronica.

As a way of premiering Experiment 1.3.2.,  SakkieFTW released two videos for the singles “Spiral” and “Experiment 1.3.2.” While the title track is interesting in its own right, “Sprial” takes the prize for originality in both song and video. The opening beat to this almost indefinable tune sounds like something out of 90s techno, and almost immediately a pop vocal, provided by Kaeli McArter creates dissonance before the main beat/bassline rushes the track. As glitched out as humanly possible, this bit of highly syncopated dubstep (for lack of a better term) put together with the pop vocals and pseudo-techno-house beat filling in the gaps is cause enough for confusion in the audience. Then comes the video.

Potentially an homage to Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up, ” the trajectory of the video for “Spiral” isn’t really known until near the end. A girl who’s trying to kick addiction and lost her pills? Maybe. No spoilers here, but the imagery is stark, interesting, and takes confusion over the song into a realm of abject consternation at the song/video package.

If “Spiral” is anything to go by, SakkieFTW is on target to change, shape and redefine where modern EDM is headed. Powerful, poppy and strange all at once, the many and sundry ideas coming out of SakkieFTW bode well for this new talent’s future. click below to see the bracingly different “Spiral” video and the other videos on SakkieFTW’s Youtube channel, and stream Experiment 1.3.2. on Soundcloud.


Written by Layla Marino

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