pandariotAmidst all the new fads freaks in the millennial-era music scene, Chicago’s Panda Riot have been quietly making classic shoegaze (is there any other way to make shoegaze than quietly?) since 2007. Their newest single, “June 20th” showcases the band’s ability to conjure that 90s dark under-eye circle culture while balancing it with an upbeat millennial sensibility.

“June 20th” opens with the ubiquitous 90s-inspired wall of sound guitars. Guitarist and founding member Brian Cook creates an ambiance which matches the likes of 90s shoegaze greats like Catherine Wheel, Hum or Belly. Vocalist Rebecca Scott adds to the dreamy feel with high-pitched verses which trail off in a sea of Cook’s guitar feedback. As basic as they come when it comes to wall of sound and shoegaze, “June 20th” is a refreshing nod to a style of rock which is not only still very much alive, but versatile enough to adapt to modern styles and production methods. Panda Riot pulls this crossover style off with ease and grace.

“June 20th” is a new step in Panda Riot’s dreamy style progression and will warm the heart of many a jaded GenXer while also inspiring modern music culture. The new single can be streamed on Panda Riot’s Soundcloud Page. Click below to check out the video for “June 20th” and bask in all its shoegazey glory.