Part R&B, part dream pop and all innovative vision, Lostboycrow has been releasing singles with gusto since he moved to Los Angeles in 2014. While he cites the city as having a large influence on his music, it’s clear that Lostboycrow has had his vision set for quite some time. “Where It All Goes” is one of his newest releases and showcases this interesting artist’s talent for pairing unconventional, almost experimental electronica with R&B pop cache.

lbc “Where It All Goes” opens with a whispery synth tune and a taste of the syncopated dream pop to come. Then enters Lostboycrow’s smooth tenor in an uplifting pop key. The vocals stay in a relatively simple verse-chorus-verse structure, but around this structure is built the most sonically interesting dream pop composition that’s been heard in either the pop or dream pop genres in quite some time. Heavily syncopated, ever-changing and unexpected, this part of “Where It All Goes” punctuates the song at all odd intervals so that the listener can never quite expect when or how it will enter the track next. This anticipatory bent in the song leaves the listener breathless and on the edge of his or her seat, which is an effect Lostboycrow certainly deigned to create, if the insightful lyrics are anything to go by.

Even music lovers who are not so much into pop or R&B will be able to recognize Lostboycrow’s technical prowess and vocal talent on “Where It All Goes”. As this artist moves through his dreamy world of melding genres, he will continue to push the boundaries of all he cares to work with. “Where It All Goes” is available to stream on Lostboycrow’s Soundcloud page and all of his tracks are available to stream or buy on itunes.