jane in spaceJane In Space are a retro/emo/industrial trio based in New York City who just released their hotly anticipated self-titled album this weekend. Why was the album hotly anticipated? Most likely because it was produced by industrial/alt heavy hitter, Tom Baker. The community of gloom which surrounds emo and industrial music was also excited about this album due to the phenomenal teaser single, “Feel It Alive”, which has actually been out on the trio’s Soundcloud page for almost a year. A complimentary video for the single was posted on Youtube in July.

“Feel It Alive” delivers what it promises: a heavy dose of throwback emo and industrial sounds a’la Depeche Mode with clean composition and brooding production values that Tom Baker has come to be known for. Vocalist Tom Vickers also cites his 80s Oxford upbringing and the unique fusion of emo and pop at that time which came to be a signature style of industrial music.

With their debut album now released, rabid emo and industrial fans can now see what else Jane In Space have in store for them. The rest of the album has different rations or modern and retro style, but the technically clean sound is omnipresent. Click below to see the video for “Feel It Alive”. The full album is available for sale on itunes and Amazon, and streams on Spotify.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktgKFhI7ZSM]

Written by Layla Marino

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