mylkoEven of the most modern of millennials love the nostalgic bleeps and bloops of 80s Casio-style synths in the odd video game or song. Budding electro-pop stars Mylko have incorporated a healthy dose of such bleeps and bloops into their latest single, “Bloom” while still giving it some really interesting depth and complexity.

Based in Mexico City, the boys from Mylko have a healthy number of singles on their Soundcloud page since forming a little over a year ago. Decidedly electro-pop, the duo use lots of vintage and vintage-sounding synths to create a multi-layered and surprisingly deep experience with their music.

“Bloom” opens with the afore-mentioned video game sounds and an equally vintage beat. Throughout the track, more and more sounds, samples and melodies are layered over each other. Each of these pieces is a recognizable sound style from the 80s, but mashing them all together creates something altogether different and unexpected. The vocals in this track are, by contrast, quite modern and even have a little bit of R&B flare. The effect is something a little like Cut Copy or Passion Pit but with more pop cache.

Overall, Mylko’s “Bloom” is a smooth and nostalgic musical experience. Here’s hoping their next gig is making the soundtrack for a retro video game. Click below to see the video for “Bloom” and stream their whole catalog on Soundcloud.

1. Animal
2. Untraveled
3. Contrast
4. Astray
5. Limits
6. Bloom
7. Closure
8. Winter