REBOOTThe Smallest Creature is a moniker adopted by Stefanos Marnerides, a perennial mainstay in the NYC rock scene since 2007. At the time he was a solo act, but  in 2011 he returned to his native Cyprus, signed with Fishbone Records and reunited with past bandmates Stephanos Nicolaou and Iacovos Stylianides. The band began working on recording in earnest and have finally come up with their first series of singles. The first, out this past July, is called “Reboot”.

“Reboot” has an interesting style flow. It begins acoustic and very soft, shoegazey indie style, with an echo around Marnerides’ vocals. The band does a great job of building tension into the second section, which explodes into an indie metal vibe, akin somewhat to Evanessence but with more soul. The tune vacillates between these two styles with all instrumentals played and recorded at very high-quality levels, until a stunning guitar solo takes the track into pure alt rock territory on par with early Radiohead. The effect of this stringing together of styles seems like it would be choppy, but it is quite fluid and helps create a rich, original style for The Smallest Creature to really explore their musical range. It’s done beautifully in this premiere single.

The Smallest Creature’s next single, “Copenhagen”, released last week, and they will have two more singles out on Fishbone in the next month. Check their Soundcloud page to see how they explore indie style next, and click below for the video of “Reboot”.


Written by Layla Marino

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