camtechDespite a loud, punk-inspired rock sound of at least three pieces, Chameleon Technology is actually the brainchild and work of one artist. Max Histrionic, as he calls himself, came up with the idea of putting fast mini-anthems to dazzling and sometimes confusing live visuals while working in other bands, but he took his project full-blown last year with a self-titled EP. Blank Canvas is his second EP of the project, released in late July.

The title track is the first single off the new EP, with a slightly new sound and a very different video and song length. “Blank Canvas” is of a standard rock song length, and the video is heavily-produced and quite a bit darker than Histrionic’s previous A/V work. The bass is also more prevalent here. If it wasn’t clear before,  Histrionic is out to make it clear who is playing what in his extraordinary “band”. Hint: they’re all him.

With the more classic bent to both sound and video this time around,  Histrionic is still up to his mirror tricks, but with the help of Exit House Films. The video is more like a trippy movie as well, with more artistry and extremely clean graphics to it.

With Blank Canvas,  Chameleon Technology’s mini-anthems are turning full-on rock anthem, and Histrionic has stepped up his game in the visual sense as well. As he keeps evolving this project, it will be interesting to see in what direction he takes it next. The EP is available to download on Histrionic’s Bandcamp page, and check out his Youtube channel for more wacky videos.

Written by Layla Marino

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