A new new electro project from Qatar called deddori have not released much information about its requisite members. It’s known deddori are a  duo, and that their new single “The Message” and its synced video were inspired by a bike ride through Qatar’s capital city, doha.

The afore-mentioned inspirational bike ride through Doha was while listening to another reclusive electro artist,  Gesaffelstein’s seminal album, Aleph. In “The Message”, the influence is clear, especially with Aleph’s title track. A rolling, ambient bassline with minimal melodies and samples uses more from the space between the notes than the executed music. This effect givesdeddori the track an evocative connotation, but listeners won’t really know from whence the feeling came. It’s in the composition, and it’s tricky to pull off. This is why deddori are already getting so much attention from the ambient and experimental electro worlds. For a first track to come out this solid, clean and expressive with minimal music is very rare.

The video for “The Message” is intentionally synced up with the music. Not surprisingly, the video is also about a bike ride, but what happens and where it’s going is just about as ambiguous as the emotive quality of the music. The video is filmed and produced incredibly well, managing to be technically clean but also gritty at the same time. Like the song, it’s both suspenseful and calming, with no resolution at the end. The viewer/listener must make up his or her mind about what he or she just experienced.

The good news is that it looks like more of the story of “The Message”, and indeed deddori themselves, will continue to unfold. The video ends with a confusing shot but also a “To be continued…”, so here’s hoping there’s more to come from this enigmatic new duo. “The Message” is available on to stream on deddori’s Bandcamp page or for purchase  with the “name your price” option.

Written by Layla Marino

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