JOSEPH HEINJoseph Hein’s AM Gold arrived deeply rooted with soulful blues and organic tones yearning for a suitable outdoor experience. Packed with a plethora of wind instruments and soothing vocals, the twelve-track album fused gentle drumbeats with ambitious electronic rhythms from a previous existence. Intricately balanced by soft harmonies that combine the scent of sunshine with a forest atmosphere, Hein managed to blend an aged musical sound into a modern desire.

Looped with upbeat tempos and positive written jams, the stomp your foot atmosphere created quickly took place with ‘In The Sunshine.’ The good morning and warm coffee anthem packed enough motivation to overcome any gloomy day. Loaded with a wide spectrum of profound sounds, Hein tackled the subject of being melancholy by reinforcing inspirational verses and conclusive themes. ‘Lonely, ’ otherwise labeled as a misfortune track managed to instill shards of confidence to excel and overcome all adversaries. With a forward thinking approach throughout the record, a firm presence of vulnerability and exposure is presented during ‘Fall Apart, ’ revealing a determined being gambling in the name of a hopeful future.

Outside of the heavily present feel good breeze, Hein’s dreamland ‘Disappear’ stuffed emotion and empathy into a soothing ballad. The slower cadence placed a solid portrayal of symmetry alongside effortless devotion. ‘Unsuspecting Eyes’ filled the mysterious slot of curiosity and concern, proportioning multiple themes on a smooth surface. ’‘The Path’ proved to be the perfect decision to conclude the album, establishing and arc full of wonder and interest for new adventures and experiences. AM Gold is appropriately titled for any morning situation in need of a motivational overhaul. The glittery album invoked playful harmonies with friendly pulses, making it a gem in need of discovery. With a crescent direction and uncomplicated flow, Joseph Hein has created a seamless record of welcoming choruses and catchy hooks, making ‘AM Gold’ a must listen experience.

AM Gold Tracklisting
01. Looking Backwards
02. In the Sunshine
03. Countless Nights
04. Lonely
05. In a Daze
06. Been a Long Time
07. Unsuspecting Eyes
08. Fall Apart
09. Not All is Lost
10. Disappear
11. Sails
12. The Path

Portion of #sails off of #AMGOLD . Album comes out October 14th.

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