gguitar2The UK power-punk group The Survival Code released the streaming version of  their second EP, Broken Strings,  on IRL (Independent Records Limited) in late September, with a teaser video for the EP’s title track and first single. This EP is quite a departure for the trio from London, with less focus on melody and more on complex guitar rhythms than their previous EP, MMXV.

“Broken Strings” opens its namesake EP with a heavily syncopated guitar riff and metal-inspired drums. The tempo is fast and manic and in a way fits The Survival Code’s reputation for equally manic and frenetic live shows. Gary McGuinness’s vocals are also quite different from previous ventures. Generally more melodic, almost operatic, they do have some good interludes of metal-esque cookie monster growls.

The video for “Broken Strings” is a funny, ironic take on the Liam Neeson movie “Taken” wherein an ordinary-looking weakling trains to be a superhero and save a young girl while McGuinness scream-sings his motivation for the would-be hero, who ends up looking like an even more cartoonish Flash.

It seems with The Survival Code’s “Broken Strings” and the other streamable song on the new EP, “One”, the band are looking to tighten up their sound and bring some metal twinges to their repertoire without losing the sense of fun they are known for. They seem to have accomplished that with their second EP, especially with the charming video. Broken Strings is available to stream on the band’s Soundcloud page, and the title track is available to purchase on itunes. The full EP with a third song will be released November 14.

Written by Layla Marino

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