black-honeyBlack Honey‘s Izzy B. Phillips may not immediately remind audiences of Liz Phair, but the resemblance is there, especially in the band’s new single and video, “Hello Today“. Phillips’ guitar playing is much more junkyard country and her vocals are more polished, but she has that gangly, awkward yet oh-so-sexy thing down in the new video, directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, and it’s about time this strong and real of a frontwoman came back to indie rock.

As a single, “Hello Today” is in Black Honey’s usual wheelhouse: part indie pop, a sliver of shoegaze, Phillips’ slow hand-style guitar and Shirley Mansonesque vocals. The song is soothing and raucous as the band’s name suggests, and pulls off a lovely balance between being catchy and sucker punching the listener right in the heart.

Speaking of hearts, that is the theme of the Cohen video. Phillips is alone in the California desert as a sort of Annie-Oakley-meets-femme-fatale type, and she seems desperately to be trying to ditch her heart – an actual anatomical heart, mind you – to no avail. Like that creepy Annabelle doll, the hear keeps coming back to haunt poor Izzy, despite her best efforts, which include shooting, drowning and burying the thing. It’s a cute, metaphorical and cinematic video that compliments the song while being it’s own artistic piece.

Both the song and the video for “Hello Today” are being lauded by critics, and promise to push Black Honey into a new echelon of indie. Click below to see the charming video. “Hello Today” can also be streamed on Soundcloud or purchased on itunes as a single with another track, “Ghost”.


Written by Layla Marino

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