12743780_1319650804719141_5796225062724996121_nWith a mean age of 19, emo metal newcomers The Departure are making some fairly huge sounds with their debut EP,  Gateways. With guitars and composition that would rival Linkin Park and lyrics even deeper, the young band from Salt Lake City are venturing into industrial metal territory with the EP’s lead single, “The Sea Part II“.

The Sea Part II” seems to be all the good parts of the other songs on Gateways rolled into one. Lead vocalist and guitar Ryan DeBlanc’s vocals are the most evocative of all the tracks on the EP. He even musters a hearty metal cookie monster growl in between harmonizing with keyboardist Dylan Proesch. Said keys are on the goth/classical side and thus add a bit of goth industrial tinge to the largely metal guitars and drums. Gavin Allien’s drums are allowed to really be metal drums here, which seems to bring out a great force in Allien as DeBlanc, Aiden Mcdonald and bassist Max Hedding let loose on some really metal guitar riffs.

The sound on “The Sea Part II” is big, epic and very brave, considering what a picky crowd metal and industrial fans are. The Departure pull it off, however, with a huge sound and mature composition which belie their young collective age. Gateways can be streamed in full on The Departure’s Soundcloud page or purchased on itunes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ldb4l8Mqv4]

Written by Layla Marino

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