slukaChristopher Sluka seems to be a sort of prog rock cult hero of sorts. Born in Seattle and now based in San Diego, he’s somehow managed to release a full 10 albums  over the span of his career without anyone in the pop world noticing. He’s underground prog rock, if such a thing exists. Sluka’s newest album,  Introversions,  is out now and Sluka plans to do a video for each of its 13 songs, to be complied on a high-quality Blu-ray.

The sound on Sluka’s new album is definitely in the progressive rock wheelhouse, but it can be classed in many different ways as the musician and visual artist incorporates a number of different influences. On lead single and album closer “Gothic Cavalier”, for example, track opens with a funk bass but smooths out into more Bryan Ferry/Roxy music territory.


Sluka’s vocals on this and many of his albums are somewhere in the realm of David Bowie, albeit a very chilled and much more happy Bowie. The lyrics of Introversions second video, “Doctor Strangelove” are dark and a bit brooding, but Sluka’s vocals are more on the upbeat side, as is his guitar. It makes for an interesting mix. The funky bass persists here as well, while Sluka’s vocals go from Bowie to a sort of Collective Soul rock rasp.


The third video to come out is “Valentine Lies”, a more rock ballad-style track. Classical music accompanies a much more 80s rock Sluka in this track. Sluka is as much into visual art as he is into his music, and while the videos are generally simple performance pieces, the production values are very high quality and will look great on blu-ray.


“Sadder Than Sad” may be the best track on Introversions as far as Sluka’s vocals and composition are concerned. Still well inside prog rock territory, he nevertheless opts for some darker sounds and more melancholy minor keys. The video is also stepped up a bit, with more cinematic footage to drive home the point Sluka wishes to make.


Sluka and his newest record are a new type of progressive rock. Grounded more in reality than esoterism and taking a lot of cues from heavier rock,  Interoversions is an interesting approach to adult contemporary which will likely appeal to the indie rock audience as well. Interoversions can be streamed or purchased on Sluka’s Bandcamp page, and more videos will be available soon through his website.

Written by Layla Marino

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